I welcome you to the homepage of the Small Business Training Institute, the new core of world
business training.
SBTI has its doors opened wide and is ready to show enterprises and businessmen that wish to have
new starts in internationally competitive enterprises the success story of Korea's rapid economic growth
and give them the chance to receive a systematic training course in order to become better and more
successful businessmen.

Cultivation of competent men and women are the global force, and the key aspect in bringing success to
an enterprise. In a world where men and women of ability and unique ideas decide the success and failure
of an enterprise, securing competent man power has become just as important as maintaining up-to-date
technology. Now is the time to actively find and nurture men of ability, and use their ability in the work field.

Find and nurture your staff into men and women of ability through SBTI.

SBTI provides you the chance to develop your human resource into even better men and women through
our many programs and pleasant facilities. SBTI will help your enterprise grow into a more competitive
global force.

We welcome enterprises and businessmen who wish for the cultivation of their staff.

Thank you.

Director General, SBTI