SBTI was established in 1982 as an industrial training organization with 35,000 SME trainees per year.
SBTI actively deals with the rapidly changing global economic environment by creatively nurturing men
and women.

SBTI has a diversity of programs covering technology, quality, management, IT, etc., for the development
of SME workers and to enhance their quality. SBTI is providing such training programs to executives, managers, field workers, public workers and students all year round.

In addition, SBTI offers seminars featuring invited public officials from diverse SME related organizations and
foreign SME entrepreneurs, etc., discuss Korea's economic policies, economy development strategies, and success stories of large enterprises such as Samsung.
SBTI also contributes to international industrial cooperation by providing "Visit Korea Training Programs" for
foreign SME workers to participate in factory tours, Korean SME policy studies, and to improve their understanding
of the Korean economy and its industries.